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Tuesday, June 26th 2012

11:01 PM

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From: kitty h
Subject: Helen (part 1)Comments welcome to kittyh55hotmail.com
AUNT HELENHelen Strangers was a fine-looking woman in her mid-thirties. A woman of
independent means, she lived in some style in a large Edwardian country
house set in its own grounds. Inside the house was exquisitely furnished,
and she was preteen and underground served by a cook-cum-housekeeper, the taciturn Miss Pring, and
the handyman-cum-gardener Allan.When Darren's father got the Consul's job, Helen offered to look after her
nephew. It seemed the ideal arrangement since Helen lived not far from
Darren's exclusive private school and already saw the boy on a regular
Above all the two seemed really fond of each other. So Darren moved in. It
was to prove the most formative period of his young existence.Darren really loved his aunt. She'd always been kind to him nude preteen youtube and much more
affectionate than his own parents. Parents in the diplomatic service have
time for young children. So preteens males nude Darren went eagerly to The Ridings. She
greeted preteens blue link him with a kiss and a hug before taking him upstairs to show him his
bedroom."I've put you in here" she said "so you can be close to me. The bathroom is
through here" she went on opening the door. "And through that door is my
bedroom. You don't mind sharing a bathroom with me do you?""Of course not" replied the lad."Good" and she gave the lad another hug. Darren almost fainted at her close
proximity, the heady scent of her toilette. She kissed him, this time on
lips. "I'm sure we shall have lots of fun together."That kiss on the lips both shocked and delighted the youngster. No
one had ever kissed him on the lips before and here preteens sucking dick was his aunt doing it as
though it preteen xxx vids
was the most natural thing in the world. It was to be the first
There were some adjustments to be made but Darren learnt quickly the rules
of the house.There was the affair of the toilet. Boy-like Darren was not too accurate
had left a few splashes on the toilet-seat. Aunt Helen took the lad
upstairs to
inspect the evidence of his waywardness."That's not very nice for me is it darling?""No aunt" he replied with a blush of shame"So, when you are using my toilet, it would be better if you sat rather than
stood. Do you understand what I mean?""Yes aunt" he replied, blushing an even brighter red.And then there was the bed-time ritual. Darren's parents were usually
entertaining and he seldom saw them at preteen nonenude pictures
night. Not so Aunt Helen. Each
night after his bath Darren would report in his pyjamas and dressing gown to
the drawing room for a good-night kiss from his lovely aunt. If there were
guests then she would brush his hair for a full five minutes. That was
she had had his hair re-styled so the parting was down the middle. Darren
had lovely hair, lovely golden-hair, and under the regime modele preteens nue of regular
it soon began positively to glow. And when that ritual imageboard model preteen was over the lad
would rise from his knees for a final cuddle before he went to his bed. She
would hold him in her arms sometimes for minutes at a time alternately
kissing and caressing the lad. The final kiss was always on the lips. Such
ecstasy! Such sweetness! Such intimacy! Not daddy young preteen
a night fotos preteens putas but Darren did not
leave her presence with a stiff willy!And then there was the late-night ritual. It began the very first night of
Darren's stay. Helen had finished her bath and donned her lacy nightie.
that she put on her silk night robe, but did not bother to do up the tie;
never did. But then instead of going straight to her room she went into
Darren's.The lad lay between the fine cotton sheets, restlessly tossing and turning.
She came closer. How beautiful the lad was. She bent over and kissed him
gently on the fore-head. The lad woke to find a vision modele preteens nue of loveliness
over him. Her robe was open and he could see, see her delectable breasts
through the flimsy lace of her nightie. She bent once more kissed him again
this time on the lips, then rose and floated back to her own boudoir.>From that night on Darren was visited every night. And always he received
the kiss. And the result was always the same whether he was awake or
his young penis stiffened.
**********The first week-end Helen took her nephew up to Town."What are we going to do?" asked the lad with boyish excitement as the
Rolls, driven by a uniformed Allen, threaded its way through the heavy
London traffic."A little shopping and then a light luncheon in a splendid little French
restaurant. And then there is a special treat for you, Madame Tussaud's."Thank you aunt! Thank you!" and he flung his arms round her and gave
her a kiss on the cheek.They started off in Harrods boys department."Yes Madame may I help?" asked the assistant, casting an appreciative eye
over the pretty lad."Pyjamas, silk pyjamas for my nephew. Do you have any?""We do. Although night-shirts are more fashionable these days. Perhaps
Madame would like to see some examples of both?""I think so, yes."Garment after garment was inspected and rejected. Eventually she settled on
a pair of crimson red pyjamas, and two night shirts one magnolia and one
white."And now a pair of silk shorts. Have you them in stock?""Yes Madame, I think so."
The assistant left them."What are the shorts for aunt?""A few exercises. In the grounds. Just to tone you up!"The assistant returned with two pairs."I think the young gentleman should try them on, Madame. These might be a
little too tight."Darren tried the baggier pair on first and reported back to his waiting
aunt."Oh no. Far too floppy! Boys need support you know" she went on."I could not agree more Madame."Darren retreated to the cubicle and changed into the second pair. These
much tighter, but still preteens blue link did not satisfy his aunt. The assistant was sent
for an
even smaller modele preteens nue pair. Now they were tight, so tight in fact they showed
everything much to the lad's embarrassment. It was even worse when she
made him bend over and touch his toes in the shop. He felt naked. And all
the while the assistant leered. Two young girls walking past giggled."Please aunt, they're too tight.""Nonsense darling. They suit you to perfection." She turned to the
"We'll take two pairs of those."Whilst the garments were being wrapped and sent to the front door to await
their departure, Helen took her unsuspecting nephew to the girls department."May I help you Madame?" enquired the pretty young assistant."Yes. I'm looking for a couple of pairs of panties and a pretty party-frock
for a young friend.""And her size Madame?""About the same as preteens pedo nudist
the boy I suppose."The two women disappeared down many racks of clothes whilst Darren sat
and waited for them. Aunt Helen returned after twenty minutes carrying two
lovely frocks."I just can't make up my mind. Which do russians nude preteens you think is the prettier darling?"Darren stared at them both. preteen female masturbation One was white taffeta covered with embroidered
flowers. The other was a delicate shade of pink with lots of pink ribbon
white lace."The pink one, I think" replied a blushing Darren."You have such exquisite taste. That is just what I thought too." And then
she held the preferred garment up against him. "Yes, she will look modele preteens nue
this." Darren really did blush at this preteen xxx vids point.After a lovely day at Madame Tussaud's they drove home through the
gathering gloom."Aunt?""Yes, darling.""Who is the party frock for?""Can't you guess?""No.""In that case, you will have to wait and see." She placed a gloved-hand on
his thigh. "Did you like your presents?""Yes aunt, they're lovely.""What are you going to wear to bed to-night?""The red pyjamas.""You'll look sweet in those. We'll keep the night-shirts til later shall
we."************On Sundays Miss Pring the house-keeper did not come in. A breakfast tray
was left for the lady of the house, and a cold collation preteens males nude prepared for
It was the one day of the week Helen Strangers was left to her own devices.
Except that now she had her nephew.Darren woke early and went downstairs into the kitchen to make the tea and
toast. Tasks completed he carried to the tray up to his aunt's bedroom. He
tapped on her door and went in; it was the first time he had penetrated the
inner sanctum since that first day he came to The Ridings.His aunt lay in a large four-poster bed, delicate drapes protecting the head
from curious eyes. She woke delicately (as she did in all things) at his
intrusion, and sat up. Darren stood before her in his silk robe and new
pyjamas."Good morning darling. How lovely to see you and what a lovely surprise to
have breakfast in bed. There is a bed-tray over there. Bring it over and
the tray on it."She sat up and placed a lace shawl cute preteen portfolio
round her shoulders as she watched the
youngster carry her breakfast across."Here" she said "why don't you slip under the covers and join me. I'm sure
there is enough for two."Darren blushed. Join his aunt in bed! His little willy stiffened as it had
previous night - three times."Come on darling" she went on, pulling back the covers. "Slip in here. But
take your robe off first; you wont want that in bed, will you."Darren disrobed and slid into the bed as quickly as he could, desperate to
hide his blatant erection from his watching aunt. Of course she saw. Of
course she realised but chose for the moment to ignore his boyish tribute to
her charms.She chattered on as she sipped her lemon tea and the boy consumed the
toast. When both were finished, she bad him stay where he was whilst she
slipped out of the bed and removed the bed-tray.How gril preteen
beautiful she was in her preteens nudist pictures long delicate night-dress. As Darren stared
mesmerised by her beauty she turned. The light caught her night-dress and
suddenly it became transparent. He could see everything, her firm breasts,
her taut stomach her generous thighs, even the dark mystery of her pubes
could be discerned.She stared back at the watching boy. "Are you pleased you came to stay?""Oh yes" he sighed. "Very!""You darling" she said as she slipped once more beneath the covers. "Come
here. Let me give you a kiss."Instinctively the lad turned towards her. She slid her left arm under his
With her right hand she pulled his face close and kissed him on the lips,
and slow. The boy melted in the sweet rich taste, his body trembled and his
penis wept its adolescent tribute into his new pyjamas."My poor darling" she said, pulling him preteen picture banned
down onto her breasts "relax, relax"
and she began to stroke his golden locks."Do you know what you used to do when you were a baby?""No.""You used to suck on my breasts. Here." She reached up and undid the tie.
She took his hand and placed it on her bosom. And then as though it were
the most natural thing in the world, he leant over and placed his mouth over
her exposed nipple."That is lovely my darling, lovely" and her right hand slid between his
legs.It was too much for him. fotos preteens putas
And what young adolescent boy could contain
himself in those circumstance? None! His juvenile penis lost all control
in four mind-shattering heaves released its token of devotion into the
stained pyjamas."I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he sobbed."That's all right darling. I quite understand" and she pulled him to her
held him tight until the tears subsided and his breathing returned to
Sundays would never be quite the same again!
Darren was in love, in love with his aunt. In her presence he was absorbed
by her. In her absence all he could think about was her, her smell, her
her looks, her breasts. Her Breasts! How he longed once more to place his
lips to her nipples, but not once in the following week did she give the
slightest indication that she would permit such intimacy ever again.Instead she became more disciplinary in her approach. Every morning
before breakfast he was sent on a half mile run round the grounds in his
figure-hugging shorts. Darren did not mind for when he returned all hot and
sweaty, she would be waiting to assist him in the shower. And when he had
finished she would stand him on the mat and dry him off with a towel as
though he were a child. Darren got an erection every time, but she never
commented on it or touched him there, except to dry him of course.She continued to demand the highest standards of behaviour as Darren
discovered to his cost. Returning from school on the Tuesday he'd gone
upstairs for a pee. Unfortunately for him, he'd forgotten her rule to sit
doing a wee. When she discovered his mess on the toilet seat she was not
amused. The mortified boy was summoned to clean his mess, and she
promised that she would "deal" with him later.She was so nice to him that evening Darren thought she had forgotten all
about it, or decided to relent. No! When having bathed he came to kiss her
good night before going up to his room, she took him in both hands."It is time for your punishment, darling. I don't want to punish you, but I
must for I insist you behave with due decorum at all times and to-day you
failed me." The lad stared into her dark eyes."I'm sorry aunt, I really am. It wont happen again.""It had better not! But that doesn't mean you can escape your punishment,
you know that don't you. Naughty boys are preteen pussy deluxe
spanked."First she made him remove his robe. He stood before her in just his soft
white night-shirt his golden hair glistening in the lamp-light."What did I tell you to do?""Sit every time I did a wee.""Exactly. And what did you do? Forget and then make a nasty mess.
Surely you see you must be punished for that?""Yes aunt. I agree. It was wrong of me.""Come here!"She stood him to her right, then slowly almost gently made him bend over her
lap. With her left hand preteens pussy freepics she pulled up the hem of his night-shirt then
hard into the small of his back so he could not escape. With her right hand
she caressed his boyish buttocks. Then she began. Three preteens sexe models sharp smacks to
the right buttock were followed by three more to the left."Are you sorry now?" she asked."Yes aunt. I am. Really sorry.""If you were really sorry" she went on caressing his blushing bum-cheeks,
"you'd beg for more punishment. Or perhaps you don't care how I feel?""I do! I do!" the lad sobbed."So you agree you deserve more punishment?""Yes! I am a naughty boy and deserve to be punished.""In that case go to my bedroom and fetch the hair-brush on my bedside
table."A couple of minutes he returned. Boy and woman stared at each other. The
pain of the spanking had gone to replaced by a wonderful glow. All poor
Darren could think of was his huge erection and how to keep its guilty
hidden from his aunt."Remove your night-shirt!""Please Aunt Helen don't make me strip down here" the lad begged.She was implacable. And so the boy had to strip in front of his aunt and
expose his guilty secret. She made no comment, just made the naked lad
place the night-shirt over the arm of the sofa. The instruction to bend
the sofa came almost as a relief to the deeply embarrassed boy.She stood over him the wooden-backed hair-brush in her hand."I am going archives preteen sex
to give you ten preteens pussy freepics spanks with the hair-brush. Is that understood.
They will hurt. They have to. They are to remind you to sit like a girlie
to do
a wee-wee whenever you presume to use my personal bathroom. And just
so you don't forget, after each spank you are to say `I promise from now on
always to sit when doing a wee.' Is that clear? After each spank!"Helen Strangers let each spank soak in before applying the next and
the severity as she went on. How poor Darren did wriggle. The wooden-
backed brush turned his pale buttocks crimson and sent shafts of pain
through his body. A spanking, if it is to be effective, must be applied
energy. And it was! Crack! Crack! Crack! By the end he was in tears and
his poor bottom throbbed. But he stayed where he was and took it, the first
bare-bottomed spanking of his life.Punishment completed she raised the lad and helped him back into his night-
shirt. She took her scented handkerchief and wiped away his tears. Then
she took him in her arms and kissed him full on the lips."Are you alright now darling?""Yes thank you aunt.""Do you promise always to sit down in future?""Yes. I do! I do! young preteens ls And I am sorry honestly.""Of course you are my lovely darling but you still had to be punished, as I
am sure you can see now.""Yes Aunt.""Good. Now go to bed and let your preteen pcis
poor little bottom recover. I will come
and kiss you good night later. But never forget for if you ever do it
again, I
shall not only spank you again but also make you dress you in a girl's frock
from the moment you return from school until you go to bed. And we both
know which frock that would be, don't we. So if you don't want to be
dressed as a little girl, you'd better take care from now on."**********That Saturday evening Miss Pring had left and they had the house to
themselves once more. The two sat watching television whilst Helen brushed
Darren's hair."Your hair is coming on beautifully darling, but we must do something to
protect your skin. When you've had your bath, come back down and I'll rub
some nice lotion on your hands."The skin had a lovely smell and felt strange but nice. He looked up from
kneeling position between her legs. She bent over and kissed him on the
He nearly swooned with pleasure, and his young dick nearly burst through his
pyjamas."Have you forgiven your cruel aunt for your spanking?""There is preteen girls petting nothing to forgive. I deserved it.""Yes, you did. I must spank you even though I love you.""Have you sat to do a wee every time since Tuesday?" He had and he said
so. "Good. Does it feel strange?""A bit yes.""What do you feel, a bit like a girl?""Yes.""Perhaps you should have been a girl. You are certainly pretty enough to be
a girl." Darren blushed.There was a pause then Darren asked the question he'd been dying to ask all
evening. "Aunt. Someone has put that girl's party frock in my wardrobe.
And I was looking through my underpants drawer and found a pair of girl's
knickers.""Yes darling. I know. I told Miss Pring to put them there. Just in case.""Just in case of what?" asked the lad, genuinely puzzled."Just in case I decide you need some petticoat punishment.""What is that?""Let us hope for your sake you never find out!" and she kissed again on the
lips and sent him to bed.Darren tried to sleep but couldn't. At ten he rose and went to the
He took out the frock on its hanger and held it up to his body. He looked
himself in the mirror. What a transformation. Dare he risk trying it on?
His aunt might come in at any time to kiss him good night. With a strange
reluctance he put the garment back on the rack and slid back into bed.********
The following morning Darren when downstairs to get his aunt's morning-tray.
Would she let him? Would it happen again? How he longed for the intimate
embrace of the previous week. As he waited for the kettle to boil he looked
around the spotless kitchen. Then he saw it, a pretty white apron used by
girl from the village when they had a dinner party. He tried it on over his
pyjamas. Somehow it didn't feel right - and yet he wanted to wear it, wear
for Her! He dropped his pyjama bottoms and tried it on again.That was it! He would serve Her morning preteen 3d pictures
tray as a maid. Perhaps then she
would notice, notice how much he loved Her! He dropped his robe and took
off his top. With fumbling fingers he secured the apron at his back in a
bow then replaced his robe.The kettle boiled. He preteens males nude made the tea and took the toast from the toaster.
Trembling with unsuppressed excitement, he went up to her room, knocked,
and went in.Helen Strangers woke to see her nephew dressed just in his robe standing
over her bed with the tray. She rubbed her eyes and sat preteen dog movies up. Darren stared
longingly at her breasts."Good morning darling. How lovely! Breakfast in bed two weeks running!"He placed the tray on the bed preteen picture gallerys then stood at the bottom of the bed watching
her eat."I hope you've got something under your robe. I wouldn't want you to catch
cold.""I have.""Show me."He opened his robe to reveal the pretty lace-trimmed apron beneath."How charming" she said "it suits you. But what have you got on underneath
your apron?""Nothing.""Don't you know it is rude to come into a lady's boudoir with a bare bottie?
At the very least you should be wearing knickers." And to make the point
she made him drop his robe and stand in the corner whilst she finished her
breakfast. How pretty he looked, how vulnerable he felt with his tight
buttocks exposed to her view.After what seemed an age Darren heard her rise from her bed and go over to
her dressing table. A drawer was opened and then closed. She was at his
feet. "Here. Put these on." A garment was slipped over his feet and up
legs. He reached down and pulled them up. They were panties, white frilly
panties! How he trembled!She turned him round and kissed him on the lips. "That is better darling.
Now you are properly dressed." She kissed him again. "I'd like another
glass of fruit juice. Would you fetch it for me?" He would and he did.When he returned she was back in bed, sitting up waiting for her pretty
nephew. And he did look pretty! She took the proffered glass sipped at it
and placed in on the bedside table."Would you like another cuddle?""Please" was his choked reply."Well take off your apron and get in here."She took him in her arms. He trembled, trembled with love and lust."I hope you are going to control yourself this time. We don't want any
accident in your pretty panties do we." She slid a hand between his legs.
was stiff, ram-rod stiff. "I think it best if you took them off don't you."A brief flurry of legs and arms and Darren removed the panties. She took
them from him and laid them on top of the duvet."They're pretty aren't they. Would you like to wear them again?""Yes. No. I don't know!""You poor darling" and she kissed him on the lips. "You can't wear an
apron without knickers, can you?""I suppose not.""So, if you wear the apron, you will have to wear the knickers too, wont
you?""Yes aunt.""And since you look so pretty in an apron you'll have to wear it very Sunday
from now on if you want to visit me that is.""I do and I will."She took him in her arms and kissed him on the preteen binki video
lips, kissed him deep forcing
her tongue into his sweet mouth."I love you. I love you!" the lad moaned."Prove it!" and she sat up preteen female masturbation
and with a single movement removed her nightie.
Now both were naked, both dripped with lust and love.She lay back and pulled the lad down on top of her. His stiff penis rubbed
briefly against her pubic hair before she eased him up astride her body
his young cock was pressing against her stomach. She cupped a tit in one
hand and pulled him down on it. He moaned, moaned with ecstasy as his
lips found her erect nipple.A sudden sharp roll and the positions were reversed. The boy was on his
back staring up at her as she bestrode him. All was revealed, her lovely
breasts and sweet neck, and lower down the dark mystery of her sex."Will you be my lover, my secret lover?""Yesssss" he moaned."I shall be cruel as well as kind, but in return you will enjoy all my
secrets in
time! Is that what you want?""Please!" he screamed. "I love you! I love you!""And I you my darling!" And she opened her legs wide, then lowered herself
over his boyish erection.There was nowhere preteen pussy deluxe for it to go but in and up. He moaned with pleasure as
every pore of his body exploded in his mind. It was like archives preteen sex
nothing else. And
instinctively he began to fuck, his tight young bum moving ever more as he
sought nature's release. And she rode him rode him like the young buck he
was, rode him for his preteen girls petting pleasure, rode him for hers. hot preteen ass Until the inevitable
happened and Darren orgasmed inside her, shooting his juvenile tribute to
beloved aunt deep in the forbidden regions of her femininity. And as he
came she kissed him, covering his sweet young body with hers, filling his
mouth and mind with her own tribute to her new lover. They had fucked -
for the first time. Their relationship would ever be special from now on.
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